Thank a vet

Veterans’  Day is just a few days away, so I wanted to quickly post a few things we can do to show our support for all the people who have served in the Armed Forces.

First of all, you may have seen television ads asking us to shine a green light from our homes to show our appreciation for all veterans.  The site to view this is  Green was chosen because it is the color of hope, renewal and well-being.  I have seen a number of homes shining their green light, and I hope that our veterans see it and know that we appreciate the sacrifices they have made.

The Parade Magazine in this past Sunday’s newspaper also featured some ways that we can help our veterans:(re)purpose jewelry was started in 2014 with the intention of donating a portion of their proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.  ½ of the wholesale cost of (re)purpose’s Wounded Warrior Project collection will be donated to this organization.  In 2015, (re)purpose expanded some of its collections to benefit other causes.  The jewelry is beautiful and affordable.  You can find it at:

Alex and Ani donates 20% of the purchase price of its Spirit of the Eagle necklace to Team Red, White and Blue, which connects veterans to its community through physical and social activity.  $38,

With AmazonSmile, when you shop the Amazon site you can select one of a number of charitable causes.  One which helps veterans is Hope for the Warriors, which provides support for veterans and their families.

Pendleton Whisky donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of a limited-edition bottle of its oak barrel-aged whiskey to the Wrangler National Patriot Program, which provides funding and support for America’s veterans and their families.

The people who have served our country and their families have sacrificed much for all of us.  These are just some of the small ways we can begin to pay this back.

Have a blessed day.


The giving of money, time, support and encouragement to worthy causes can never be detrimental to the giver.  The laws of nature are structured so that acts of charity will open an individual to an unbounded reservoir of riches.                                                                                                                                                                  Jeffrey Moses

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