Double Dippin’

Marcie in shoebox

While filing my coupons, I came across one for Unilever products.  It states that if you buy one of the Unilever products shown, Unilever will donate one meal to Feeding America.  What makes this a really good deal is that I can donate the item I buy to our local food bank, and know that someone in need is getting a meal.  So, for a couple of bucks, someone gets a meal and someone gets a food item.  I’m thinking about doing the same thing with TOMS.  If I buy a TOMS backpack, it helps provide counseling services around the country to counter bullying.  My biggest issue here is where to donate the backpack.  Many foster children have nothing to put their belongings in, usually having to make due with a plastic bag, and many needy school children have no school supplies to use.  The TOMS backpacks are currently on sale for $26.99.  Maybe I will buy two.  One backpack I will fill with personal type items for a foster child, and one I will with school supplies.  I know that this doesn’t fall into my category of helping for little or no money, but, I guess sometimes rules were meant to be broken!  I always liked filling Christmas stockings and gift bags, so I will get as much enjoyment as the kids (or maybe more).  In checking the internet, I discovered a huge need for these bags, and there are several foster agencies in my area.  So, once I get my bag filled I will call around and see who is taking them.

We are dangerously close to April, which Child Abuse Prevention Month.  I know these bags are literally a spit in the ocean, but it’s a start.




We are all called upon to do small things with great love

Mother Teresa




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