I have papers strewn all over my desk, with all kinds of ideas and notes for this blog.  Today I picked up one that said “” (  Here is turns out that VolunteerMatch is a clearing house of sorts.  It lists all kinds of volunteer opportunities available throughout the U.S.  Once you go on the site, you simply enter your city and state, then either click on the type of cause you would like to help (or you can see all causes).  The listings show the project title, the address, which is even shown on a little map for you, and a description of the project.  The listings can be sorted by distance, near you and new, event date(s) and date posted.  When I entered my city and state I was completely blown away by the number and scope of available volunteer positions, and I do not live in a big city.  Some projects can even be completed from home!  The spectrum of opportunities runs from A to Z.  VolunteerMatch currently lists 98,510 opportunities, 112, 697 participating organizations, and has made 11,999,952 referrals since 1998.  In 2008 this organization grew to over 6 million users.  If you represent a non-profit organization that could use a little help, VolunteerMatch has got that covered, also.  They represent 501(c) nonprofits, schools, and all kinds of other organizations.  The basic VolunteerMatch is free.  You go online, sign up your organization and post a listing of the help(er) you need.  You get notification about volunteers, and can respond directly to volunteers.

I had noted another organization, but unfortunately was not able to find them listed on either Charity Navigator or Charity Watchdog.  When I tried to contact them, all I got was a runaround.  Oh well, we can scratch that one off the list.

Till the next time,


“Here we are touching the profound spiritual truth that service is an expression of the search for God and not just of the desire to bring about individual or social change.”

Henri Nouwen, “Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life”

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