Everyday Actions


I just read a few ideas that we can all do all the time.  One is adopt a storm drain.  If the storm drain near your home gets filled with dirt and leaves, that stuff flows into streams, rivers, and for those of us in the East, the Chesapeake Bay.  You can put it with your yard waste, or better yet, deposit it in your compost bin.

Since this time of year is nest-building time for the birds, I put out snippets of yarn and thread onto the trees and shrubs in my yard.

If you have a green thumb you can either volunteer at a community garden or plant an extra row of fruits and vegetables for the local food bank or shelter.

Do you have any extra tote bags in your home?  Food banks, shelters and public libraries would all appreciate them.

Do you like clothes shopping?  Try checking out The Renewal Workshop (https://renewalworkshop.com)  (#Reclaim Fashion).  The Renewal Workshop works to divert tons of clothing and textiles from landfills to be made into renewed apparel.  The Renewal Workshop cleans garments and textiles with liquid carbon dioxide which uses no water or heat.  The garments are then inspected to determine if they are salable as is, or in need of repairs.  When repairs are done, the product passes through their Quality Assurance department for a final inspection.  Visitors to The Renewal Workshop are in for a pleasant surprise.  There is an amazing variety of styles and sizes for men and women at moderate prices.

Keep America Beautiful will start The Great American Cleanup (https://www.kab.org/our-programs/great-american-cleanup/great-american-cleanup-2017) on  March 20, 2017 and it is scheduled to run through May 31.  This is the nation’s largest community improvement program, with approximately 3 million volunteers donating more than 6 million hours to beautify more than 17,000 communities in all 50 states.  This year’s theme is a “Clean Your Block Party” 2017.  Participants can come together, meet their neighbors and improve the beauty of their neighborhood.  For more details, visit their site.



“do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt


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