Got a Minute?


Have you got a minute to spare?  Sometimes when I have some time to spare, I will play some fun game on my computer or i-pad.  I find it to be a nice, enjoyable way to pass the time.  And then I remembered  If you like trivia or fun quizzes, Freerice is the way to go.  Freerice is a non-profit website owned by the United Nations Food Programme.  It has two goals:

-To provide education to everyone for free, and

-To help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.


Hunger is the world’s #1 health risk and a massive problem that we can all work together to solve.  Yes, that’s right, hunger can be eliminated.  There are enough resources on our planet to feed and care for everyone, if we work toward sharing and distributing what already exists.  By your participation on this site, you can not only increase your knowledge in several areas, the sponsors who advertise on this site provide funds to make the food available to the world’s poor.  Freerice was founded in October 2007 by a gentleman named John Breen, he donated this site to the UN World Food Programme.  It is based in the United Nations World Food Programme headquarters in Rome, Italy.

There are many, many categories you can either learn or brush up on by your participation:

 Famous Paintings, Literature, World Hunger, Famous Quotations, English Vocabulary, English Grammar, Multiplication, Basic Math, Chemical Symbols, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Geography, Human Anatomy and SAT Test Preparation.

 I have visited this site many times in the last ten years, and every time I not only learn something, I feel good knowing that in my little way, I may have helped someone survive.  Freerice has over 2 billion people active on its site, and has raised enough rice to feed millions of people.  Imagine if we spread the word, encouraging more people to visit?

Till the next time,


“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.  Do what you can.”                                                                                                                   Sidney Smith

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