Every Day is Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!  I remember the first Earth day, when this was just a fledgling celebration.  I’m glad that we still observe it and talk about the various steps we can take to protect our fragile planet.

Check out National Wildlife Federation’s site.  It offers information on attracting birds and pollinators to your yard and other subjects, such as how to build a birdhouse or make a pond.  Go to www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife.    Also, please keep in mind that everything we do has a lasting impact.  Sometimes something as small as using a plastic straw can cause irreparable harm to our environment and sea creatures.  I saw a video of a bleeding sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its mouth.  The rescuers were able to remove it, but you could tell that the procedure was extremely painful for the turtle.  Try purchasing and using paper straws whenever possible.  You can find them in some stores and can be ordered online.  They are way more attractive, plus they breakdown without harming wildlife.  Also, the six-pack rings if left whole, can strangle animals and birds.  Please cut them up before disposal.  Better yet, if you can avoid the use of plastic as much as possible, that would be better yet.  Plastic never breaks down.  Every piece of plastic will still be around long after you and I are dead and gone.

Another great site to visit is Recyclebank (https://www.recyclebank.com/).    Recyclebank has terrific ideas to share about recycling.  For each article that you read, you are awarded points.  These points can be used for magazine subscriptions or discounts on purchases from various venders.  I have learned a lot from Recyclebank.  For example, did you know that glitter cannot be recycled?  By extension, paper with glitter on can’t be recycled either.

This growing season I hope to do more in my backyard to help the environment.  I’m planting wildflowers, putting out a bird bath and bird feeders, my Mason bee nest is up, my solitary bee nest came today and my milkweed seeds are on their way.  Plus, we are growing a modest vegetable garden in order to have access to fresh, pesticide-free vegetables.

Plus, what I don’t do is important.  I don’t use insecticides or weed-killers.  I have started making my own cleaning solutions and use rags whenever possible.  And sometimes the things that we do to protect the environment can actually save us money.  Turn off lights and appliances whenever possible.  Try not to let water run needlessly.  The things that we take for granted every day are actually far more valuable than you and I could ever fully appreciate.

Till the next time,


“If we’re destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there’s got to be a very powerful energy to fight that. I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”
Ellen DeGeneres


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