Helping the World with Old Bras


Indeed, your old bras can make life better for others.  “Bras for a Cause” ( works in support of breast cancer survivors.  They collect new and gently used bras, lingerie, swim suits and cancer survivor items:  wigs, prosthetic breast inserts and mastectomy bras.  These items will given to women around the world.  Bras in need of repair will be repaired before donation.  And, get this, bras that cannot be repaired usually end up as art and sold to raise money.

Or you can donate bras to “Free the Girls” (  This organization works with services and organizations around the world to free women and girls from sex trafficking.  These products are used for them to start their own businesses selling these donated bras.   Because these women are their own bosses, they are able to earn an income while caring for their families and attending school, all while feeling safe, surrounded by other women.  “Free the Girls” accepts new and gently used bras of all sizes and styles and types.  They have relationships with many businesses and churches around the world that serve as drop-off sites.  If you don’t have a site near you, you can always mail in your bras.  When you donate four bras, you’re providing a living wage for a woman in their El Salvador program.  When your group donates 200 bras, that’s a half month’s inventory for a woman in Mozambique.  If you wish, you can even include a note of encouragement for the recipient.  This site is a treasure-trove of information regarding bra donation and helping our sisters in need.  I encourage you to visit it.  You will be really impressed by the information contained within it.

If the first two resources don’t move you, check out “The Bra Recyclers”(  Visit their site, print out a form, and include it with your new or gently worn bras.  Bras that are no longer usable will be recycled.  Did you know that only 15% of textiles are recycled, while 85% end up in landfills.  Who knew?  I never knew what to do with my old bras.   I never knew that organizations could use them.  Before I learned all this, mine would end up in the trash.  Now I know better.

If you wish to stay local, contact your local homeless shelters or local domestic violence shelters to see if they are in need of bra donations.

I stumbled across the following quote while researching this post, “Friends are like bras, close to the heart and always there for support.”

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,


“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

William Shakespeare

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