Infant Care Kits


The last time I was in Ten Thousand Villages I picked up a card about making and donating Infant Care Kits.  Infant Care Kits are distributed by the Mennonite Central Committee to refugee camps and hospitals and clinics in areas of need.  The kits are mostly distributed in North Korea, El Salvador and Serbia.  Kits are to be comprised of:  2 gowns or sleepers of flannel or similar warm, soft material, 2 undershirts or onesies (short or long-sleeved), 4 flat fold cloth diapers, 1 receiving blanket of lightweight fleece or flannel (36 inch minimum), 4 – 2 inch safety pins, 1 large bar of mild soap (leave in wrapper), 1 pair of socks and 1 cap.

To assemble the kits, remove the packaging material with the exception of the soap.  Fold the items into the receiving blanket and fasten together with the safety pins.  See for a listing of drop-off locations.  You could also donate these kits to hospitals in this country for distribution, particularly in areas of possible need.  When my son was born, my hospital roommate was a very young girl who did not appear to be prepared to be a mother.  I did a search for assistance for new mothers, and there are many organizations set up to help women in need of assistance during their pregnancy and the baby’s birth.  Government and foster agencies could also use these kits in situations where an infant is unexpectedly placed into the foster care system.  Or if all else fails, try contacting your local church.  Churches generally know where need exists and what is needed.

While on the subject of helping babies, I discovered information about the Baby Box on Pinterest.  Baby boxes were first developed in Finland in the 1930’s as a solution to their serious infant mortality rates.  Every new mother received a box large enough for an infant to sleep in up till the age of approximately five months.  Within the box are items necessary for baby care.  The contents can vary from box to box, but they generally contain a fitted mattress, sheets, socks, baby cap, wash cloths, diapers, a bib, a sleep sack and a onesie.  Baby Boxes are designed to provide a safe place for the baby to sleep.  Many new mothers lack the resources to care for a newborn, thus causing them to share their bed with their baby.  Sometimes this can result in the mother rolling over on the baby, or the baby experiencing SIDS or other problem.  The risk of SIDS is greatest between two and four months.  A baby can sleep in the box for its first six months.

These kits and boxes can either be assembled and donated individually, or put together as a group.  If the entire box kit is too much, shelters and food banks have a never-ending need for diapers of all sizes.

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