Just Three More Things

Santa Claus with snack

Okay, I thought I was done until 2018, but then I remembered three other ideas that might be worth passing on to you.  The first one is that Russell Stover candies is taking donations to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation (www.wish.org) in their stores and through their online site http://wish.org/ways-to-help/products-and-promotions/promotions-that-give-back/russell-stover#sm.0000o8dkw179ldevqws1n6rhsnia1 until Dec 31.  100% of all donations will be given directly to the charity.

And I also wanted to tell you about Hot Bread Kitchen (https://hotbreadkitchen.org/.   This bakery employs women facing economic insecurity and gives them an extensive six-month long paid training teaching them artisan bread baking, English as a second language, bakery math and science.  100% of their graduates are placed in jobs.  It may be a little late to order their breads online for Christmas, but you can keep them in mind for gift-giving throughout the year, or stop by their shop in Spanish Harlem’s historic La Marqueta.  We ordered an assortment of breads for our son, who likes ethnic and flat breads, and they are marvelous!  Yes, we are eating them now because there is no point in waiting and eating stale bread!  I will definitely order their breads in the future.

Do you know of someone who has had a bad or difficult year?  One thing we’ve done in the past is call a florist and anonymously send them a poinsettia.  (Sometimes we sign it from Santa Claus).  It’s just a little something to let this person know that we are thinking of them.  We keep it anonymous so they don’t have to feel indebted to anyone.  It’s something we enjoy doing, and it adds to our Christmas spirit, too.

Have yourself a merry, little Christmas,


“You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.”                                                                                                 Unknown


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