Share Your Talent

classroomDo you have an hour or two to spare each week?  Do you like to read and would you like to share that skill with others?  The York County Literacy Council (YCLC) Pennsylvania, is looking for volunteers to tutor people for whom English is a Second Language (ESL) and English-speaking students who are seeking to improve their literacy skills.  And it’s not just York County.  There are literacy councils all over the country that provide free and confidential literacy services to anyone who feels that they may need them.  As a tutor, there are many ways you can help the adults you come in contact with.  You can help an adult:  read to a child, get a driver’s license, read a menu, read a newspaper, register to vote, complete a job application, thereby obtaining and improving their employment situation, read a bus schedule, read a prescription label, perform basic math, write a letter (or read a letter that they have received), and use a dictionary or other reference book.  Plus, as a reading adult, they are able to set a good example to the children and other adults in their family.

Volunteer tutors do not need a background in education to help students reach their literary goals.  To be eligible for tutoring, one must attend and complete all training sessions.  Requirements to be a tutor include a high school diploma or equivalent, sensitivity, patience, reliability, and attendance at training pending a preliminary interview.  For more detailed information, contact your local literacy council.  When you help someone learn to read, or improve the quality of their reading, you give them a gift that they can share again and again, improving everyone’s life in the process.

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“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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