It’s A New Year!

Okay, I’m a few days late. But I have been giving my New Year’s resolutions a lot of thought. Full disclosure here, every year when I resolve to get healthier and exercise more it doesn’t usually work out too well. Plus, I don’t know how all that fits into my greater desire to try to make the world a better place. So I decided to try something new this year. Each day I am going to try and do something kind for someone around me. These can be large or small gestures, like smile at a stranger I encounter as I go through my day, let the person at the grocery store go in front of me, or give someone a compliment when appropriate. I am also going to reach out to friends and family more often. If I try to do one kind act every day, by next year I will have touched 365 lives, maybe more if I am lucky.

I have also set out a jar into which I will place $1 a week. By Christmas I will have a $50 gift card to donate to a less fortunate family.

So here we are, short and sweet. By this time next year I may not be slim and svelte, but I will be happy, and hopefully so will a lot of other people.

May peace and kindness rule your lives.



“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

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