Positive Businesses

Here are some businesses that make a positive impact in the world.  I saw an article about some of these in the July/August 2018 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.  One company is called Bright Endeavors (https://brightendeavors.org/).  This is a Chicago-based company that makes high quality soy candles.  Bright Endeavors works to give young moms a chance at having a meaningful life.  All of their proceeds go toward helping moms in need.  I visited their site and their candles are lovely and affordable.  Another helpful company is in the Portland Oregon area.  They are Ground Up PDX (https://www.grounduppdx.com/).  They feature a delicious selection of nut butters, and provide jobs to women facing adversity.  Branded Collective, ( https://www.brandedcollective.com/) is a jewelry company that trains and employs survivors of sex-trafficking.  by employing and training these people, you give them a chance for a better life.  Another good company that I am personally familiar with is the Women’s Bean Project (https://www.womensbeanproject.com/).  I have bought their products to give as gifts many times.

Also, when I had to have heart surgery a few months ago, I needed to get a new suitcase because my old one was beat up and worn out.  I stumbled across a really nice one from Samsonite that was actually made from recycled plastic bottles, 32 to be exact.  So, it’s like a type of double duty.  I got what I needed and was able to help the environment.

And you may have seen Bombas socks advertised on TV.  For every pair purchased, Bombas will donate one pair to someone in need.  To date, they have donated over 15 million pairs of socks.  Socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters.  I can attest to that.  People on the street seem to be able to get shoes, but not socks.  I see them walking around sockless in the coldest, wettest weather.  Bombas is seeking to address this need.

I try to donate my books when I am done reading them so they may do good. Sometimes I donate them to Goodwill, sometimes I donate them to the public library, and sometimes I will donate children’s books to local elementary schools, but lately I have had a nagging impulse to do more good with them. I read about donating books to the prison system, to help prepare inmates for release. The more preparation an inmate has, the less the chance of recidivism. Reading books gives them a chance to keep up with the outside world, and to expand their minds. When I volunteered at a nonprofit coffeehouse and bookstore, we would receive book donations that were in such deplorable state they could only be thrown out. Please share your books while they can do the most good. They help no one sitting forgotten on a shelf. Your act of good can ripple out to distant shores and times.

Stay warm and spread the warmth.


“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.” Kevin Heath

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