What A Coincidence!


Everywhere I go, I find stuff that can be used to help other people. This has been happening for several years now.  At first I didn’t give it much thought, but as I kept tripping over ideas and objects appropriate for sharing, I started to think that I should do something positive with them.  Without getting all deep and “Zen” about it, I began to wonder if this sharing might be my purpose in life.  It certainly gives me joy, and I hope it might bring joy to others.  Sometimes I get depressed about the state of the world, but then I remember the quote, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”-Anon.  So this is my attempt to light a candle.

While I was a religion teacher, I brought a bag of glow sticks to class one day.   I numbered them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. and had each student take one as they entered the classroom.  I then dimmed the lights (luckily no one screamed).  I had the first student snap their glow stick, and I said that movements start with one person doing a good act.  Student #2 saw the good that was generated by student #1 and decided to increase the good.  Then, students #3, #4, #5 and all the rest of them joined in.  The room was aglow.  And it started with just one student doing one small act.  That’s all it takes.   

In the picture above, I have backpacks, handbags, socks, toiletries, underwear and soap. While in Barnes and Noble the other day I stumbled across the most beautiful knit hats originally priced at $24.99, that were now marked at 75% off! Since I’m a Barnes and Noble member I got an additional 10% off. I picked these hats up for $5.62. While I was there checking out the clearance table I found some wonderful toys, also 75% off that I will keep for Toys For Tots distribution. We ran the hats over to a homeless distribution site in order to beat the winter storm which hit us today. And all the other stuff we will drop off this weekend, with the exception of the toys.

Yesterday, I was receiving my somewhat overdue cut and color and while I was paying I spotted a little display of lip balm called “Kind Lips”. (#SaySomethingKind). 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this lip balm go to anti-bullying initiatives, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and Youth Frontiers (https://KindLips.com).  Kind Lips was founded by a boy named Joshua who was plagued by dry lips when he was growing up.  His mother would use petroleum jelly to protect his lips from chapping, but Joshua was inspired to create a better, healthier lip balm.  He began experimenting with various ingredients and combinations and in 2017, came up with a lip balm that he was satisfied would be kind for lips and serve as a reminder for people to speak kind words when they use it.  Initially Joshua was going to call his company Blessed Lips.  His mother suggested he call it Kind Lips, from a saying “The Law of Kindness is on my lips.”

Joshua started his company not only to hydrate lips, but to “inspire kindness all over the world one set of lips at a  time.”  So far this company has donated $21, 565 and 32,931 tubes of lip balm.  Bullying can leave lasting scars, so Kind Lips is an idea whose time has come.  I picked up my lip balm at 

City Looks, 1104 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill PA 17011.  Telephone 717-761-0142, or you can order it online.  

Let’s all be kind.


“It starts with a thought.”                       Ellen Degeneres

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