Plant a Tree!


Heifer International: Pass on the Gift
I recently got my Spring 2019 issue of Heifer International’s World Ark magazine.  It is always a high point in my life to get it.  Reading this magazine outlines all the positive ways that Heifer International is working to eliminate world hunger and make the world a better place.  This issue has a marvelous article called “The Giving Tree”.   Trees help us in so many ways.  There are currently three trillion trees in the world.  One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide, and puts out four tons of oxygen a year.  An average-sized tree produces 260 pounds per year.  The best thing we can do to reverse and arrest global warming is to plant a tree.  Asphalt and concrete contribute to higher temperatures, which are a cause of the destructive effects. Planting trees by your house can help block some of the summer’s heat and the winter’s wind.

Also so exposure to trees and nature reduces mental fatigue and can reduce blood pressure and muscle tension.

Now, unfortunately we cut down 15 billion trees a year.  Tree numbers have declined by 46% since agriculture began 12,000 years ago.  So, if people who are able to, would each plant a tree, we could go a long way to regaining all of them numerous benefits of including trees in our lives. Add a birdhouse and a birdbath and you will have a little bit of heaven in your backyard.

Till the next time.


”The good man is the friend of all living things.”         -Mahatma Ghandi

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