Getting Ready for Back to School

school suppllies 0718

For all intents and purposes, the kids are back in school.  They will be needing lots of supplies and the teachers will be needing materials to help provide a smooth year year.  For some kids the Back-to-School time means lots of shopping with pencils, markers, glue, pens, backpacks and Back-to-School clothes.  But for some kids, this is a time for “making do”.  Hopefully last year’s clothes and shoes will work, and hopefully they will have some pencils and markers left from last year.  When I would volunteer for Junior Achievement in the classrooms it was very obvious who had and who had not.  The kids from compromised situations exhibited a kind of disconnect.  It was difficult to reach them, almost as if they knew they had less and felt “less than”.  It would tug at your heart.  These children, and their teachers, need just about everything.  It’s super easy to pick up a pack of pencils the next time you are at the store, or tablets, or whatever strikes your fancy.

While I’m on the subject of children and backpacks, Jockey apparel has a program called Jockey Being Family Backpack Program.  It has been in existence since 2005 and has helped 35,000 newly-adopted children and their families.  Thanks to this program, each child receives a free personalized backpack, filled with a cuddly teddy bear and blanket.  The parents receive their own Parent Tote filled with post-adoption resources.  All donations to Jockey Being Family help adopted children and their families through this transition.  To donate, go to

What could be an afterthought for you, could be a game-changer for a child.  We can’t do everything, but we can do something.  Let’s do something together.

I wish you peace.


“You don’t have to be worthy, you only have to be willing”

Padre Pio


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