Let It Begin!

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Now is a good time to start preparing for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or whatever holiday you celebrate.   To that end, I came across several sites with ideas for a different kind of advent calendar,  a Reverse Advent Calendar.  Just get a box, and every day put a food item in the box.  When it is filled, take it to a food bank.  The instructions I received said to donate it on Christmas Eve, but my goal is to donate the food before Thanksgiving, so the recipient has their choice of how they want to make the best use of it.  The following copy is thanks to the PassionatePennypincher (www.passionatepennypincher.com).  If truth be told , I turned myself inside out trying to find a way to contact Laurie for permission to share it.  I haven’t been successful, so I hope she doesn’t mind.   So here is my version of the Food Bank Advent Calendar.  You can do this for whatever time of year you choose.  The food insecure can use this all year long.




Each Day Add an Item to a Box

When the Box is Full, Donate to

A Local Food Bank

December  1   Box of Cereal
December  2   Peanut Butter
December  3   Stuffing Mix
December  4   Canned Fruit
December  5   Canned Tomatoes
December  6   Canned Tuna
December  7   Dessert Mix
December  8   Jar of Applesauce
December  9   Canned Sweet Potatoes
December 10   Cranberry Sauce
December 11   Canned Beans
December 12   Box of Crackers
December 13   Package of Rice
December 14   Package of Oatmeal
December 15   Package of Pasta
December 16   Spaghetti Sauce
December 17   Chicken Noodle Soup
December 18   Tomato Soup
December 19   Can of Corn
December 20   Can of Mixed Vegetables
December 21   Can of Carrots
December 22   Boxed Potatoes
December 23   Macaroni and Cheese
December 24   Can of Green Beans


With cool weather approaching, now is also a good time to go through your closets and pull out any gently used cold-weather clothing.  Also, there is always a big need for socks (preferably new) this time of year.  Many of the children in this area are in need of winter coats, so while my son and I were in Target today, I stumbled across a beautiful  coat, with a knit hat and mittens to match.

Finally, while I’m on the subject of the approaching holidays, Toys for Tots has started their ads.  This is a good time to pick up some fun toys to put in their bins.  Once again, Kohls is selling children’s toys and books from their Kohls cares collection.  The books and plush toys are only $5 each and 100% of the profits goes to support health and wellness of families in our communities.  So, our families get double benefit from these purchases.

Have a good week.


“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.”  Ron Hall

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