How would you like to sink your teeth into a big, beautiful home-style cookie, that will not only taste great, but will help save the world?  I’ve got just the thing for you.  Nunbelievable cookies are three times the size of store bought cookies and they are nice and chewy, just like Grandma used to bake.  Warm them for a few seconds in the microwave and you are in cookie heaven.

I am a firm believer in the power of serendipitous moments in life, especially when they come paired with big, delicious cookies.  While scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across an ad for Nunbelievable Cookies.

Each box of hand-crafted cookies you purchase provides 2 meals at a participating soup kitchen.  These divinely delicious cookies are natural, with no GMO’s, no artificial flavors or preservatives.  They come in chocolate chip, peanut butter, gluten-free double chocolate and oatmeal raisin.  The peanut butter cookie is my absolute favorite.  You can buy a single-flavor box or do what I did, get the assortment pack, which gives you 3 of each flavor.

These heavenly cookies were inspired by nuns who made them in order to finance their soup kitchen.  Their goal was to provide meals for the hungry.  Unfortunately, in 2016, they found themselves unable to pay the rent on their San Francisco soup kitchen.  Many people came together to buy them a mission.  Their goal was to provide 1 million meals by 2020.  Their mission is to end hunger deliciously.  Sounds like a plan, a delicious plan.



Till the next time.



“I cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”                                                              Mother Teresa

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