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I watched something last evening that broke my heart.  On the Hunger Site, they profiled a single mother of one who was trying to support her little one year son on her minimum wage paycheck.  She worked at a fast food restaurant where she was not guaranteed a 40 hour week.  If business was slow, some of the employees would be sent home.  She struggled to afford the basics for them.  Unfortunately, she could not afford to buy healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables; she could only afford cheap junk food.  One of the first ideas to pop in my head while I was watching this was to plant a Victory Garden, just like our grandparents and great grandparents did during WWI and WWII.  It is really very easy.  You can dig up the dirt in your garden to loosen it, or take the easy way like I do and dump mushroom soil and topsoil right on top of your garden space.  It’s not too early to plant spring onions, radishes and lettuces.  I also recommend planting marigolds around your garden perimeter.  They help to repel nematodes (nasty buggers!).  Soon, we can plant broccoli and sugar snap peas.  And, for those of us in zone 4 and above, we can plant tomatoes and peppers after Memorial Day.  We can then share our bounty with the needy and with senior citizens in our area.  I wouldn’t recommend transporting our bounty to large food banks.  They deal in large amounts from stores and manufacturers.  I would drop it off at local soup kitchens and food pantries and senior citizen centers.  It’s extremely easy to do an online search for local food pantries.  Also, call your church and see if they know of someone in need.

While you are preparing your garden, put aside any smooth stones you come upon and wash them.  We can make them into Kindness Rocks.  This is a great rainy day project.  (More on that later).

One more thing.  Get a list of the shut-ins from your local church and call them during this time to check on them and to keep them from feeling too cut-off and lonely.


Please stay safe and healthy.


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“Be a lamp, a lifeboat or a ladder.”                                                           Rumi

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