Making Hay While the Sun Shines

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Have you heard that saying?  It basically means to take advantage of the time you have, and since the quarantine most of us have a lot of time at home to take advantage of.  Which is how I stumbled across the site Knitting4Peace (  Knitting4Peace was founded in June 2006, and this group has delivered handmade items to over 178,000 people.  It is an organization of knitters, crocheters and craftspeople who create the needed items for the underprivileged all over the world.  If you like; you can join an existing pod, start your own, work with a virtual pod (, or simply work on your own.  Your work will serve a growing community of women, children, infants and families in areas of local and global suffering and conflict.  The items most in need at this time are warm scarves, mittens, peace shawls, baby blankets, baby booties,  and peace pals 6 – 7″ tall with dark brown faces (see Knitting4Peace site for specifics).  Knitters4Peace is also in need of cash donations to cover shipping costs to send these needed items to where they are needed most.  You can work on your craft while you are watching TV, chatting with friends and family or traveling (as long as someone else is driving).  I have even met people who knit caps in the movies!  It has to be a marvelous feeling to know that you are helping sow peace one stitch at a time.

While I am on the subject of crocheting, I had the opportunity to learn about a marvelous young man named Jonah Larson.  As a baby, Jonah was abandoned under a tree in Ethiopia.  His mother had him wrapped in a banana leaf near a water trail where she knew he would be found.  He was found by a local woman who had come to get water for the day.  He was taken to an orphanage and adopted by an American couple from Wisconsin.  For the first five years of his life Jonah acted out constantly, but luckily his aunt dropped off a bag of craft items that she thought they could use for crafts, and Jonah discovered crocheting.  Crocheting gave Jonah just the creative outlet he needed.  Rather than resort to the disruptive behavior of his past, Jonah used every opportunity to make all types of things.  He would even bring his crochet projects to school, and if he finished his assignment before the class, he would pull out his crocheting.  It kept him quiet and taught him mindfulness.  He and his mother wrote a book, “Hello, Crochet Friends!” and he has a YouTube channel.  He donates some of his work, he sells some, and some he uses to raise money for various causes.  This boy, who was left under a tree, has made a positive influence on the entire world.  We are all able to help, from the most powerful to the least of us.  Makes you wonder what our effect will be.

This Sunday is Easter Sunday.  Even though this year’s Easter observance will be dramatically different from previous years, perhaps the stone blocking the tomb of our hearts will be pushed aside and the light will shine within.


“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness,”             William Arthur Ward


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