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Kudos to Good Housekeeping Magazine for reporting on personal care products that will not harm the planet!  In their most recent issue, one is Alaffia (  This is African black soap, which retails for $15 for a 32 oz. bottle.  It is an all-in-one product, replacing your facial cleanser, body wash and shaving helper.  The bottle is made of recycled plastic and housed in a minimum of packing materials.

The next product is the Right to Shower bar soap (  Proceeds from the sales help fund mobile showers for the homeless.  It’s packaged in a simple cardboard carton, and is formulated with Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil, which is harvested without destroying native forests.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Daily Bar Soap ( is made using plant-based oils, and its wrapper is made from 100% recycled paper.  Plus, it’s Leaping Bunny-certified, so there’s no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients are used.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ( comes in a tube of 50% recycled plastic.  When you are ready for a new tube, contact the company to request a pre-paid label for the brand’s take-back program with TerraCycle (  I’ve used their lip balm and also their lipstick, which is sold with minimal packaging.  The lipstick tube is made of 52% recycled plastic.

Seed Phytonutrients ( body moisturizer has a two-layer bottle.  The outside is cardboard (100%) recycled paper.  It has a packet of seeds inside and the inner bottle uses 60% less plastic than other bottles.

Osmia ( manufacturers facial bar soap to meet various skin needs.  Their black clay bar works for normal to oily to combo, and they also manufacture rose clay and pumpkin for mature or rosacea-prone skin.  Bar soap is perhaps the most sustainable alternative, since nothing goes to waste.  There is no container to deal with, and hopefully, recycle.  Osmia’s box-only packaging is Forest Stewardship Council certified, and the ink is vegetable-based.

There are some household cleaning products which are friendlier to the earth.  Brandless’s reusable glass cleaner ( has a starter kit with an empty bottle and a cleaning pack.  You add water to the solution, shake, and voila!

Seventh Generation’s Dish Soap is a dye-free plant-based dishwashing liquid which comes in a recycled plastic bottle.  They also make a laundry detergent.  (

I make my own all-purpose cleaner.  It is called “Blessing in a Bottle”.  I even like the name.  It seems to have a gentle quality.  Take 12 oz. of White Vinegar, add 12 oz. of Dawn Dish soap and 1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent.  You can even add a drop or two of essential oil too the mixture for some fragrance.

And lastly there is an upcycled toy made entirely from recycled milk containers.  It is the Green Toys Fire Truck (  It is packaged in recycled cardboard printed with soy ink.  This comes in traditional red or bright pink.

Till the next time.


“Love people, use things.”                                         The Minimalists

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