Kindness Rocks!

We are well into our covid quarantine, and I’m sure that many people are starting to feel restless and cut off from the rest of the world.  I can’t even imagine what the kids and their parents are going through.  But, here’s an idea.  Have you seen Kindness Rocks?  I’m referring to The Kindness Rocks Project (https://www.thekindnessrocksproject.)  The Kindness Rocks Project was started by Megan Murphy.  This movement has gone nationwide. She has a link with free downloads related to the project on The Kindness Rocks site.  It contains lots of great material and is worth a look-see.

She was walking along the Cape Cod seashore, feeling the need for inspiration when she looked down and saw some nice, smooth rocks.  As luck would have it, she happened to have a paint pen on her, so she wrote an inspiring message on the rock and left it on the beach for someone to find.  A friend found it, and the movement kept growing from there.  Now she has an entire kindness rock garden on the beach with the following message:

“Take one when you need one, share one with a friend who needs some inspiration, or leave one for another.  1 message at just the right moment can change your whole day, outlook, life.”

Kindness tokens

I also ordered more pewter Kindness Tokens to keep in my pocket and give to unsuspecting souls.  I first saw them in CVS drugstore around Christmas.  I don’t see them anymore, so I searched for them online.  I found them at Pewter Kindness by Gloria Duchin (// I ordered nine to keep in my pocket and pass out to people,   And while I was at it, I discovered a site to order Kindness Matters cards (  I got a box of 100 cards within a week of ordering.  I will distribute these also, although in a slightly different manner.  I like doing unexpected things to make people happy.

It’s the little lights of kindness that pierce the darkness of sadness and doubt.

kindness matters cards


Till the next time,



“It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace. When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit down and work out our differences.”
-Harry S. Truman


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