Sharing Warmth and Love

I received my hippy feet socks and the Hear Our Voice doormat yesterday. I’m currently wearing the socks and, I must say, they are really comfy! Hippy Feet markets themselves as a step forward for the homeless ( According to their message, “With every purchase of Hippy Feet socks, employment is created for homeless youth. Each pair of socks is packaged and signed by a young person experiencing homelessness.” The socks are made right here in the US. So, the purchase not only helps homeless youth, it provides employment. I also ordered socks from the Greater Good Network. ( They are really cute and colorful and I will donate them to our local homeless shelter. Plus, buying them from the Greater Good store, frees up funds to help people, pets, and the planet, making this sort of a win-win situation.

I also got this really nice doormat from Hear Our Voice. We have it sitting at our front door to remind ourselves and those who approach our door that this is our moral compass. Kindness costs nothing but yields huge dividends.

Be kind to yourself.


“Watch out for each other.  Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself.”                                                  Jim Henson

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