National Wildlife Federation

I just received my June/July issue of the National Wildlife Federation magazine and felt compelled to share some of the information I gleaned from reading it with you. First of all, the President of the NWF (, Collin O’Mara had a great editorial piece urging Congress to allocate 5% of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, approximately $200 billion for investment in conservation, including the healing of our country’s natural resources caused by years of exploitation and misuse. This proposal will create 3.5 million jobs over five years. This plan will heal much of our climate issues which are wreaking havoc on our environment. As I am fond of saying, “Pay me now or pay me later”. Please contact your members of Congress to express your support of this bill.

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There was also a fascinating article about bees. Full disclosure here. In my previous post, (I I stated that beekeeping and raising bees was good for our environment and to an extent they are. I love bees and I appreciate all they do for us, however the bees we consider “honey bees” are not native to this country. I learned in the June-July issue if National Wildlife Federation that what we consider “honeybees” are imports from Europe, brought here in the 1600’s as a source of wax and sugar. Our native bees are in trouble, and these small insects do not resemble the typical honey bee. Our native bees are tiny little creatures that live alone in soil, wood or hollow plant stems. They rarely sting, preferring to do their own thing. As I have seen time and time again, the best thing we can do for all species of bees is to grow a variety of flowering plants that bloom all summer long. Also, pristine manicured lawns don’t do any good. Avoid the use of insecticide and herbicide. Let your yard be a little rustic. I guess as in most things, Mother Nature knows best.

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