Have you heard of ONE? (https://www.one.org/us/)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

ONE (https://www.one.org/us/) is a global movement campaigning to end extreme poverty and preventable disease worldwide by 2030, so that everyone everywhere can lead a life of dignity and opportunity. They believe the fight against poverty isn’t just about charity but is about justice and equality. ONE pressures governments to do more to fight extreme poverty, particularly in Africa, and empowers citizens to hold their governments to account.

ONE got its name from the belief that if every country allocated just 1% of its Gross National Product, it would make a huge difference in the lives of all people. ONE’s supporters come from every walk of life and work unceasingly to make certain that our economically insecure people will be able to not just survive, but thrive.

ONE was co-founded by the singer-celebrity Bono and other like-minded activists. ONE is strictly nonpartisan. ONE does not solicit funding from the public or receive government funds. It is funded almost entirely by foundations, individual philanthropists and corporate partners.

Some of their greatest successes include helping secure at least $37.5 billion in funding for health initiatives including the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

They also helped secure legislation in the U.S., Canada and the E.U. on transparency in the extractives to fight corruption and ensure more money from gas and oil revenues in Africa is used to fight poverty.

We all know how the COVID-19 pandemic adversely impacted the education system all over the world, but even before COVID, 90% of 10-year-olds in low income countries couldn’t read or understand something like a health leaflet or a school test.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, and it’s so easy to correct. Go to ONE’s site and sign the pledges for wealthy countries and companies to play fair and share the wealth. Contact your elected officials and President Biden to include the world’s poor in their plans. It’s not impossible. It can be done and we can do it. We can make the world a better place.

Photo by Dazzle Jam on Pexels.com



“There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at any time, should go hungry.” – Ed Asner

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