Community Giving Program

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While in Whole Foods Market the other day, I noticed cards sitting on the counter for their Community Giving Program ( Once per quarter, Whole Foods contributes to community-based non-profit organizations that are in line with their missions and values.

Whole Foods Market’s community giving programs provide a wide range of resources to help address existing and emerging needs in their neighborhoods and industry. They work with individuals and organizations that share their concern for nourishing people, animals and the planet.

Created by Whole Foods Market, their “Sourced for Good Program” helps support workers, communities and environmental stewardship where our products are sourced. They collaborate with a number of organizations such as Fair Trade USARainforest AllianceFairtrade AmericaFair Food Program and Equitable Food Initiative — to help provide things like improved wages, health care, student scholarships and planting trees to prevent erosion

What started as a seedling project known as Whole Trade Guarantee, their Sourced for Good Program has grown to raise millions of dollars annually for hundreds of communities across 12 countries, even in the U.S. Which means the simple purchase of a Sourced for Good product can help do great things.

Look for the “Whole Foods Market Sourced for Good” seal to be sure that you are helping these initiatives. Whole Foods has also banned all use of plastic bags and straws in their stores.

This is by no means meant to be a commercial for Whole Foods. However, if you plan on shopping there anyway, look for the seal on various products in the store to maximize the good you do.

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“One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.”        Chinese Proverb

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