Food for Thought

Our local grocery store chain had an interesting item in their latest circular. The headline was “Save $5 and we’ll donate $10 when you spend $15 on participating products.” They had a selection of food items shown on the page. Of particular interest to me were the products that I could either donate to our local homeless shelter or use to set out in my treat box for our delivery people. I noticed Lucky Charm bars, Nature Valley Protein Bars, and Frito Lay Multipack Snacks. Here’s where coupon stacking experience came in handy. I will make my required $15 purchase, which gave a $10 donation to Feeding America, and I will save $5 on my purchase. And I will also donate these items to local charities which will result in a wonderful feeling that money cannot buy. This is definitely a win-win!


“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”                               

 Sally Koch  

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