Tricks and Treats

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National Wildlife Federation sent me some information which I thought was worth sharing. We just had Trick or Treat in my neighborhood this week and pumpkins are still on display all over the place. What do you do with your pumpkin once it starts getting mushy? I would just generally toss mine in the trash. But, according to the article that I read, you can recycle your pumpkins in a way that helps wildlife.

First of all, you can simply compost them. Pumpkins are mostly water, which means they start breaking down as soon as you cut into them. Or you can turn your pumpkin into a feeder which squirrels and birds will enjoy. The seeds are a fan favorite for birds and critters. Just spread them in your yard or put them in a bird feeder.

Or try planting the seeds for a pumpkin harvest next year. I stuck a gourd into the ground one year and we had a banner harvest of gourds the next year. The vine took up 1/3 of our backyard!

In a recent article in the National Wildlife magazine, they suggest leaving a dead tree or downed log on your property to provide habitat for wildlife. In addition to providing habitat, downed logs also replenish soil nutrients.

One last item. I was very apprehensive about the Asian giant hornets and their obliteration of bee colonies. Well it seems that the little guys have come up with a method to deter these bullies. The bees cover the entrances to their nests with other animals’ feces. Not something I would have thought of, but it seems to work. Go figure.

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