Always Listen to your Brother!

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My brother called me the other day to tell me about the Farmlink Project ( He thought it might be something I would want to share in my blog. Boy, was he right! The Farmlink Project is working and fighting for a world where everyone has access to the food they need and where farmers have adequate markets for their crops. The twofold problems of hunger and food waste are huge, but Farmlink is chipping away at this, step by step.

The Farmlink connects farmers to food banks, delivering millions of pounds of farm fresh produce that would otherwise be wasted to families in need.

Farmlink has moved 53,853,664 pounds of food.

They have prevented 1,851,080 pounds of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

They have delivered 44,820,051 meals to those in need.

According to Farmlink, the shortage is not in the amount of food available. The shortage is in logistics.

Farmlink is a trifecta of benefits, helping farmers, truck drivers and food banks get their jobs back.

While researching this post, I imagined how depressing it would be for a farmer to work to grow good food and then to have to throw it out, because they had no way to get it to market. Well, now there is a way.

Thank you, Mark!

Take care,


Thre are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at any time, should go hungry.” Ed Asner


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