Shopping to Help

Photo by Timur Weber on

This is the time of year I start shopping around for supplies to help the needy. Since we are already in February, I start scouring the shelves for knit hats, gloves, scarves and mittens, since I know that they will be getting marked down soon. If they get marked down too late for this season, I still buy them and hold onto them for next season. I’m also on the lookout for socks and underwear. We will be approaching the second half of the school year, so I’ve got an eye out for marked down school supplies. The cold weather gear I will give to shelters and schools, and the school supplies get dropped off at a local school.

There is a local shelter where I drop off food, and my husband’s church has a cupboard where the street people can pick up single-serve food that doesn’t need to be prepared.

Sharing these items is like sharing a big hug.


“You create Heaven on earth through your giving and forgiving.”  Unknown

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