Kind Cotton

When I saw the title of this organization, I suspected it had to be founded on compassion and a mission to make the world better. Kind Cotton ( was founded to enable regular folks like us to open up the world of books to as many children as possible. I consider myself to be very lucky to have grown up in the company of books. I remember seeing a bookmark in my public library that said, “Read, Read, Read and watch your world grow.” Kind Cotton is a company that is concerned with more than making money. They believe in justice and action, in standing up and using their voice to instill change. As of January 1, 2022, Kind Cotton has provided 41,782 books to children. 10,000 of these were given to teachers to distribute, 7,000 books went directly to kids, and 1,000 books were donated to free libraries. They partnered with Mighty Kind, the anti-bias education company that publishes a kids magazine magazine as a foundation for anti-bias/anti-racist learning. Proceeds from the sales of their “Radicalize Kindness” went towards supplying 45 copies of “Mighty Kind” this year. Kind Cotton has extended their reach to providing books to kids centered around mental well being and social emotional learning.

Kind Cotton was conceived by Kaitlin Johnstone, an elementary school teacher in Sarasota, Florida. As Teacher of the Year at her school in 2016, Kaitlin has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children she works with each and every day. Now, she’s taking this effort outside of the classroom.

She worked in a school in which 97% of the students fall below the poverty line. A school in which the parents have to work three jobs simply to ensure their kids have a place to live and a meal to eat. Students come in tired, hungry, and many are far below grade level. After recognizing this, for every holiday or special occasion she would buy books to send home with her students. Anytime a student would show interest in a particular book in my classroom library, it would be in their backpack by the end of the day for them to keep. And with that, Kind Cotton emerged. Their high fashion tees and tanks, not only take you on a walk down memory lane with each inspiring quote, but with every purchase you are helping to promote a love of reading by providing a book to a child in need.

” At Kind Cotton, our mission is to improve the lives of children one book at a time. With every purchase, a book will be donated to a child in need “

Also, each garment is sustainable. Purchases of Kind Cotton garments have resulted in 17,462 gallons of water saved, 67 kg of CO2 reduced and 11 pounds of plastic recycled.

That is pretty awesome.


“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” -Mother Teresa

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