We Are All Immigrants

Ice cream for humanity

My son discovered an incredible ice cream made by Adirondack Creamery (www.adirondackcreamery.com), “Syrian Date and Walnut”. This ice cream flavor was inspired by the middle-eastern treat, Ma’amout and is enjoyed by Syrian communities of all faiths. In many ways it reminds me of the Christmas treats that my mother made every year for us. She would make date nut cut-ups and date nut pinwheels. Adirondack Creamery was inspired by the American tradition of savoring foods and flavors from other lands and bringing them to our own cuisine. They believe that food helps inspires us to reach across the table to one another in friendship and have taken that belief a step further.

Adirondack Creamery has created their Syrian and Walnut flavor in solidarity with Syrian families seeking refuge from war. Since 2011 over 400,000 lives have been lost in Syria and over 12 million people have been displaced. They and their families seeking new lives in our country are no different than those who have come here from other lands to find a better life. When you enjoy this ice cream, think of the Syrians who have created this wonderful flavor.

50% of the profits from the sale of this ice cream were donated to support organizations providing aid to refugees, but in light of the recent invasion of Ukraine, for the rest of the year, Adirondack Creamery will be directing 100% of their profits from the sales of this flavor to United Help Ukraine and International Rescue Committee. Adirondack Creamery is available in the New York area, and at Wegman’s food stores, and can be ordered online.

Please read the following letter:

March 17, 2022

Dear friends and customers, 

Ukrainians have joined Syrians, Kashmiris, Yemenis, Haitians, and countless others as heartbreaking examples of people striving to live their lives in peace and freedom only to be forced to leave all they know behind as the result of violent actions by authoritarian powers.

Today, the very same military that supported a brutal dictator in Syria has implemented the same tactics of attacking hospitals, schools, and civilian centers to terrorize Ukrainians into submission.   Over 2,500,000 Ukrainians have been forced to flee their beloved homeland causing the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

As Americans we are blessed to live in a nation, imperfect as it may be, with the principles of life, liberty and democracy deeply rooted in our culture, legal system and very ethos. Just as for almost 250 years Americans have sacrificed for these inalienable rights to be passed onto future generations, Ukrainians soldiers and civilians against incredible odds are fighting to preserve the same for their children. 

We created our Syrian Date and Walnut flavor in solidarity with Syrian families seeking refuge from a war directed at civilians and have donated 50% of the profits from this flavor to groups that assist in the Syrian refugee crisis. There are no words to describe how honored I am that our loyal customers and retailers have rallied around our mission, and together we were able to contribute over $16,000 to the International Rescue Committee and other aid organizations in Syria. 

In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine, we are, for the remainder of the year, doubling down on our support and directing 100% of profits to United Help Ukraine and International Rescue Committee (IRC), assisting with the refugee crisis in Ukraine.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a powerful letter written from a frontline doctor who worked in Syria to the health workers in Ukraine.  In support of Ukrainian frontliners – doctors, nurses and aid workers – saving lives in their own communities, she has written a deeply heartfelt letter to share her 11 lessons from 11 years of war to share with them.  Dr. Rola Hallam says, “11 years on the frontlines have shown me the very worst of humanity, but also the very best. Together, we are powerful and we can find hope.”’ 

If you can, please read this letter and repost as far as possible to help it reach these extraordinary Ukrainian frontliners.   

 Link to share: A love letter from a Syrian doctor to a Ukrainian one

https://www.instagram.com/p/CbA2GPbIRbv/  (CYRILLIC)

Your support makes a difference. 

Kind regards,

Paul Nasrani,
Founder, Adirondack Creamery

Love one another


“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  Desmond Tutu

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