Feeding the Hungry Babies

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In my last post I talked about the shortage of baby formula. In addition to purchasing formula to donate to food banks and shelters, I stumbled across a way that lactating moms can help babies and their moms who find themselves in dire straits. Moms who are able to produce ample milk can contact milk banks to start the process of being screened to process and donate their milk. I did an online search to seek out the qualifications and procedures for donating breast milk (https://tinytreasuresmilkbank.com/pre-qualification-guidelines). Tiny Treasures Milk Bank, operated by Prolacta Bioscience seems to be a reputable source. Direct mother to mother milk donation is discouraged, as are Craigs List and Ebay donations.

Because of the situation we find ourselves in, more and more mothers are turning to breastfeeding as a way to naturally provide their babies’ with the nutrients they need. Many new moms turn to the La Leche League (https://www.llli.org/)to get advice and assistance in caring for their little ones. We can help La Leche League through donations, or if you are a mom who formerly breastfed, through volunteering.

These are tough times, but they can be made easier by all of us working together.

Till the next time,


“You create Heaven on earth through your giving and forgiving.”  Unknown

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