Have I Told You About Doctors Without Borders?

I honestly can’t remember if I wrote about it before. I went back through my previous blog entries and didn’t find any reference to it. If I didn’t, that is a shame. Doctors Without Borders (https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/) is one of my favorite causes. I first discovered it in a library book and was astounded by the scope of their commitment. Doctors Without Borders delivers independent emergency medical in more than 70 countries around the world. They are independently funded, relying strictly on contributions from supporters, accepting no government money.

Their teams of more than 41,000 doctors, nurses, logisticians and other staff members work tirelessly in any country or crisis area based on their assessment of the needs of the people. They are completely neutral, providing care where it is necessary, regardless of any personal risk they might have to take.

In 2020, they provided 9,904,200 outpatient consultations, treated 2,690,600 cases of malaria, administered 1,008,500 measles vaccinations, provided 6,370 meningitis treatments, admitted 877,300 patients for hospital treatment, conducted 349,500 mental health consultations, assisted in 306,800 births, including Caesarean sections, treated 161,400 children for malnutrition, provided HIV treatment to 63,500, treated 8,300 people for cholera, conducted 117,600 major surgeries, admitted 1,026,900 patients to the emergency room, gave 112,000 outpatient consultations for COVID-19, treated 29,300 people for sexual violence and 6,230 for hepatitis C.

I am able to contribute to them through Amazon Smile. A portion of my purchase is directed to MSF, with no cost to me. I tend to vacillate between Doctors Without Borders and Water (https://water.org/), two causes I feel are very vital to the welfare of the people they care for.

So, anyhow there you have it. Information about a cause I feel deeply about, and one that I am able to support in a cost-effective way.

Choose Love,


“Love is the river of life in the world.”  Henry Ward Beecher

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