Nellie’s +No Kid Hungry

My husband likes to tease me about my love of happy chickens. And I do love them! I’ve seen pictures of the conditions on factory farms and the images haunt me still. I have made the switch to humanely raised chickens which are raised in a certified humane way.

Plus, there is another benefit to going with happy chickens. Nellie’s Free Range Eggs has partnered with No Kid Hungry ( to work toward ending childhood hunger in the U.S. A $150K donation from Nellie’s can help provide up to 1.5 million meals for our children. A well-fed child can learn so much easier. A hungry child, not so much.

This is not meant to be an advertisement for Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, rather it is a suggestion that we seek out products that work to benefit our less fortunate.

Till the next time,


“The things we take for granted someone else is praying for.”

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