Meet Angus!

Angus was once a typical bear living in the wild in Asia, but then someone got the bright idea to capture him and sell him to a bear bile market. These poor guys are kept in small cages for years, often starved, having their bellies painfully punctured over and over again for extraction of bile. Bear bile is used in traditional Asian medicine, but is also added to products like toothpaste. The bears are also starved to ensure they produce more bile. They never get out of their cages, suffering a lifetime of loneliness and cruelty.

But Animals Asia ( works tirelessly to rescue these imprisoned creatures. If you visit their site, you can see their work in action. Be forewarned, though, some of the videos and pictures are touching, but some of them are also heartbreaking. It is painful to see a creature suffer and die through no fault of their own.

Animals Asia also works to rescue the hundreds of dogs and cats that are snatched off the streets and shipped to Asia’s meat markets. Street cats are also helped through their trap, neuter and return projects. Elephants are freed from carrying endless lines of tourists and enabled to live peacefully. Dogs are being trained to become therapy dogs and little songbirds are also being freed to live out their lives naturally. After visiting the Animals Asia website I was so taken with their sweetness and so moved by their stories that I ordered the bears a holiday basket of goodies.

I hope you will visit the Animals Asia site and spread awareness of the plight of these gentle creatures and how we can help them.

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“All good things are wild and free.”  Thoreau

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