Care Packages for our Military

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I recently learned of an organization called Military Connections ( Military Connections was started to make sure that our armed forces have the supplies they need when they are stationed overseas. Here is a list of the supplies that the military is requesting: trail mix, candy, tuna packets, 5 hour energy drinks, slim jims/beef jerky, granola bars, energy bars, pop tarts, ground coffee, peanuts, powdered coffee creamer, mints, hard candy, fruit snacks, pretzels, crackers and cookies. If you visit their site you can also see a list of healthcare items, supply items and morale boosters. All supplies can be sent to: Military Connections, 313 Tionesta Dr., New Kensington, PA. 15068. You can also support this mission through AmazonSmile, and they take direct donations through PayPal.

And as luck would have it, I discovered another organization that looks out for our service people who are deployed overseas. Kids in Support of Soldiers ( was started by four children who desired to send our soldiers boxes containing the everyday “simple things in life”. It is a 501(c)3 started in 2009. 100% of all proceeds go to the troops for postage, promotional fees and any fees which are incurred. Monetary donations can be sent to their headquarters ,

If you would prefer to send supplies, just go to their website. The list is pretty much the same as Military Connections, except they also accept cards and comic books. The address for supplies is 1807 Carrigan Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

Have a great day!


“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”                                Sally Koch  

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