This Month

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September is National Suicide Prevention Month. In fact, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. As far as I know there are no things we can do about this. I guess I think that what we can do is be kind. Not just this month, but all the time. The best presents is presence. This costs nothing. Just smile, look people in the eye, and be kind. We all matter, or at least we all hope that we do. You might save a life, or at least brighten someone’s day.

Yesterday I talked about Skip1. Well, I have put the practice to use. Usually on Sundays we get coffee drinks and baked goods from Starbucks. I made a batch of cherry scones with a mix that I had on hand and tomorrow I will persuade my son to make me one of his coffees. He used to manage a coffee shop, so I know my drink will be primo.

Now I just have to decide what charity to donate to. There are so many worthy causes and so many people and animals in need. Well, I will have to be satisfied with knowing that my money will do some good and hopefully improving the world.

Update on our Skip1 practice. We ate our homemade scones and drank our primo coffee drinks and decided to donate the money we would have spent to Alley Cat Allies. Matt is a big animal lover, especially cats, so we made the donation in honor of the kids’ childhood pet, Funshine.

Let your light shine.


“To the world you may be one, but to one you could be the world.”  St. John Bosco

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